Five Arrested In Nagoya, Illicit Casino Store Raided

There have been three people in Naka-ku, Nagoya who are interested in the running of an online casino shop for allowing computers to play on Baccarat. online gambling Singapore Local police claim that Shuichi Nakamura, a 47-year-old staff holder, is accused on 14 March to play baccarat with customers by using computers in “Leaf” internet casino store. Two clients have since been detained.

The police said that three workers in the shop are mostly accused of playing online baccarat at the illicit casino and two clients are suspected of playing in the shop. JPY1.23 million (USD 11,200), confiscated by police in cash and 13 in-store machines. The police did not announce whether three workers acknowledged or rejected the allegations, but the claim was confirmed by the two clients. It is claimed the illicit casino shop has made about JPY1 million (USD 9,000) a day and the police probe the use of gang activities in the proceeds.

Promise to continue

Cards, Gamble, Gambling, Gambler, PokerThe President of the National Public Safety Commission of the Liberal Democrats refused to say that the IR law in Japan could pave the way for legalised online gaming, while pledging to pursue such illegal activities in a continuous manner.

Hiroyuki Moriyama of the Constitutional Democratic Party addressed the issue of online gambling and questioned if there had been any modification of online gambling in Japan, provided that the use of offshore platforms had increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Limited regulations 

In response, Okonogi said, Under the current IR Development Act, there are restrictions on casino acts, which do not contain and do not apply to online casinos. When I was asked last week to attend the cabinet committee, I replied that as police and Chairman of the Commission for National Public Safety, we will continue to take strict measures.

Asked if more legislation is required, Okonogi said, the reason why online casinos are not subject to the IR Development Act on casino activities is because online casinos first and foremost are illegal.

Online casinos have been run and checked in Japan.” There is a precedent. Okonogi stressed that “the police and chairman of the National Public Safety Commission love to play online casinos,” he said. It is not a matter for the Minister responsible for the casino management committee and/or the IR Development Act (IRDA).

Ill legal gambling boon

Poker, Casino, Games, Straight, PokerMari Takahashi, a lawyer and an authority on illicit gaming said “There is a risk that people who currently play pachinko or horse racing have begun to go to illegal sports facilities due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

In May 23 employees and visitors were detained at a Nagoya casino by Aichi Prefectural Police for suspected of illicit spoken word. One of the people arrested said the police had to go gamble after the coronavirus briefly discharged from work.

The head of an unauthorised play centre in Tokyo told the police after he was arrested that his store was opened because the pandemic was good for company.